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Tools and resources to launch, validate and scale startups with confidence created by a serial entrepreneur

Unlimited UX support for technology startups

Crush your MVP, launch with a beautiful product, and reach market fit faster for one flat monthly fee.

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Learn the framework to systematically select the right business model for your first venture, and a method to score the feasibility of any idea.

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Success is a skill just like football or tennis. And just like sport, you'll get much better at it if you know the rules and practice the right techniques. Discover what makes a business successful and you'll never run out of ideas that make money.

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About Vlad

My name is Vlad Khomutov and just like a personal trainer that helps everyday people become athletes, I help regular people become entrepreneurs. In the past twenty years, I founded eight technology companies, two consulting agencies, helped more than twenty startups go to market, and made products for some of the world's biggest brands like Visa, BMW, and Disney.

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