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Like a personal trainer that helps regular people become athletes, I help people become entrepreneurs

My name is Vlad Khomutov and in the past twenty years, I co-founded two startups, helped more than twenty startups go to market, and made products for some of the world's biggest brands like Visa, BMW, and Disney, including 12 Fortune 500 companies.

Since I started building technology companies in the mid 90’s, I filed patents for algorithmic publishing, had one of my startups featured by Apple as “New & Noteworthy,” and built real-time audience engagement apps for American Idol and prime-time TV in North America. I owned a retail clothing brand, led e-commerce design for a $27 Billion dollar telecom, and helped with digital transformation of large financial institutions like TD, RBC, and Manulife.

Design was my calling since I could hold a pencil, I just didn’t realize it until University, when someone offered me $200 to design a website and I decided to drop out of a business school to focus on design consulting.

Fast Venture is for first-time founders

I created Fast Venture to share knowledge, tools, resources, and provide accountability and support for first-time founders. Fast Venture exists to save you years, helps identify and avoid costly mistakes, launch profitable, sustainable-growth companies and scale them to markets on five continents through my partner network.

Fast Venture packs twenty years worth of knowledge into a simple, actionable framework designed to help people like you bootstrap your first profitable business.


World-class design

I run Propel Digital — a Toronto-based digital studio specializing in experience strategy and product design for SaaS, fintech, and e-commerce brands.

Market firsts

I built the first “tinder for work” iPhone app that matched people based on skills and needs using geolocation. The following year, months after the iPad came out, I was among the first to bring tablets to car dealerships with a real-time showroom intelligence solution for BMW.

Recognized by Apple

In 2011, I co-founded a critically acclaimed second-screen social TV app that was recognized as New & Noteworthy by Apple, creating a surge of over 5,000 new users per hour.

National TV

My company was the official second-screen partner for Bell Media, providing prime-time TV shows with “buy what you see on TV,” real-time audience engagement, and interactive, location-aware ads that synced with content you were watching. Used by Discovery Channel, Space Channel, CTV, and American Idol, my platform enabled real-time, interactive audience engagement for national television.


I started my first successful product company in early 2000’s, building a custom e-commerce platform for services similar to Fiverr today. Since then, I designed and sold multiple tech products including content management systems, online stores, and social media platforms.


I founded Cover — a social analytics platform, and filed patents for an algorithm that ranked social media posts of the past 24 hours, giving people data-driven insights into top content trends beyond the hashtag.

I've made products for companies on 3 continents, including brands above.

A rare combination of understanding the user experience a deep knowledge of technology and an eye for design.

A significant contributor to the organization; Confident under stressful client situations.

Vlad was able to distill the design process to a simple well-defined plan. His insights and talent were essential to my startup.

An excellent designer who’s work is elegantly intertwined with technology.

A catalyst, Vlad brings a unique skill set to the table, an ability to crystallize ideas into tangible product.

As a visionary and an architect, Vlad posses a rare skill set that makes him invaluable.

He’s the guy you want on your team — he positively contributes to fun and respectful work culture.

Vlad is an exceptional team lead and maintains laser focus on customer needs to get shit done.

Say goodbye to self-doubt. We are going to make you an entrepreneur.

The only reason why startups fail is that they build shit nobody wants. This happens because as entrepreneurs, we make wrong assumptions and take unnecessary risks that take too long to realize.

Fast Venture is a method. It offers a framework of checks and balances that allows you make drastically better decisions, which ultimately leads to building commercially successful products.

You can start by taking a free Foundation online course where I share my perspective on what it takes to be an entrepreneur. If you want to chat — find me on Messenger or send me an email.

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