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Unlimited UX and product design support 🤙

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Good design
is good business

Design affects how people perceive value and quality. If you are building a technology product without design expertise, read this now:

Three steps
to great design

Build the
right thing

Course-correct early and often to make sure you work on the right things.

I will work with you to create an assessment of your value proposition and customer-problem fit and will focus on high-value UX priorities.

Crush it
with awesome UX

Make the right first impression with beautiful, polished product design.

I will help you find and customize the right UX kit, develop a custom design system, and create developer-friendly, easy-to-implement specs with Zeplin.

Stay focused
and accountable

Bounce ideas and get feedback from a trusted group of like-minded people.

We do weekly Slack workshops to review progress, plan next steps, and share code and design examples with the group — progress begins with accountability.

with your membership

As a member, you get unlimited support, feedback, and advice on the core elements of your design, including:

Product roadmap

Prioritize what you are going to build to maximize business outcomes.

User experience

Wireframes and visual design of the key screens, layouts, flows, and interactions of your product.

Payment flows

Build a flawless purchase experience with support for one-time payments and subscriptions.

Design systems

Create and implement a robust and scalable design system for the web and mobile.

Product demos

Create beautiful screen mockups and interactive demos with Sketch, Invision, and Framer.

Pitch decks

Get an instant credibilty boost with crisp and professional pitch decks.

Growth funnels

Create end-to-end lead generation and customer acquisition funnels, including social media campaign management, landing pages, and email marketing automation

Motion design

Create a sense of flow, continuity, and responsiveness within your products with motion design, micro interactions, and transitions.

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About Vlad

My name is Vlad Khomutov and just like a personal trainer that helps everyday people become athletes, I help regular people become entrepreneurs. In the past twenty years, I founded eight technology companies, two consulting agencies, helped more than twenty startups go to market, and made products for some of the world's biggest brands like Visa, BMW, and Disney.

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