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Design builds trust

Five reasons why users trust great design

Trust is the difference between closing deals and closing doors. It doesn't matter whether you are just starting out or running a global company — if your customers don’t trust you, it’s hard to do business.

Trustworthiness of your brand is a function of founder’s reputation, company culture, and your customers’ experience, which is often the first — and if your product design sucks — the only interaction with your brand.

Here are five attributes of trust you can influence with design, based on a survey of over 1,300 people by UX Magazine (study).


A company is moral. Trust involves the belief that a company is law-abiding and fair while also showing that it cares about its customers.


A product will do what it claims to do. A consumer has expectations that the company’s product will live up to its claims, which are assumed to be accurate and unbiased. Most people trust that when they hit the “send” button, an email will be sent to the selected contact.


Information will be correct, complete, and unbiased. When people trust the information and choices presented, they are less likely to feel a need to go elsewhere.


A product or service has quality. People want to feel confident in their choices and we all want to feel confident that our digital devices are quality products that will safely hold important data.


"A company will protect me." Security and privacy are increasingly a key concern for consumers as they navigate the digital world. People want to know that a company has their best interests in mind. Will a company safely store my personal credit card information and keep sensitive information private?

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